Sarsyu Primary School Rebuild

Earthquake Rebuild Elevate Nepal Directors, Dan Maurer and Anthony Mancini, accompanied by In-Country Coordinator Resham Bal, visited the Rasuwa District to identify new project areas in 2017. Two years after the earthquake, many rural villagers continued to live in temporary, overcrowded shelters, with rebuilding efforts stagnant due to lack of material resources and funding. Sarsyu, a remote village five hours north of Kathmandu, was identified by the Elevate Nepal team as a possible project area, with all buildings, including the primary school, destroyed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. We spent several days consulting with village leaders discussing priorities for reconstruction; the unanimous option was the rebuilding of the school, as Sarsyu students attended classes in an overcrowded temporary structure, or walked two hours to a neighbouring village school.

Our Impact

Elevate Nepal broke ground on Sarsyu Primary School in November 2018, hiring sixteen Sarsyu villagers to construct a twelve room, 9,000-square-foot school built to earthquake standards approved by the Nepalese National Reconstruction Authority. The construction crew worked seven days a week as the entire community eagerly awaited a new school. Community volunteers donated time as necessary to ensure timely completion of the project, and when the school’s concrete roof was poured, without any machines using only buckets, shovels and basic tools, 150 villagers worked from dawn to dusk to finish the roof in one day.

The project was expected to take twelve months to complete, but was finished in nine months, at a cost of $85,000. 700 students now attend class in a safe, dry, earthquake-resistant structure, with sufficient toilets and a school kitchen. The new facilities allowed for the expansion of the school to grade twelve, and inclusion of a science laboratory. The local ward, acquiring funding from the district government, donated forty computers to the school, and programs in agriculture biology, and chemistry were added to the curriculum.

This is Elevate Nepal’s biggest and most ambitious project to date, involving the dedication of individuals from across the globe, donating their money, resources, and time. The Elevate Nepal staff in America and Nepal are grateful to all involved, and happy for the students of Sarsyu.

School built to earthquake-resistant standards approved by National Reconstruction Authority of Nepal

Able to accommodate 700 students in the village and surrounding area

New computer lab with 40 computers

New science lab with equipment

Curriculum expanded to chemistry, biology, computer science and agriculture

New toilet with clean water and wash basins

One kitchen to feed staff and provide snacks for kids

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