Our Mission

Improve access to vital resources, lift people out of poverty, and establish sustainable communities in Nepal.

Our Vision

Nepalese ingenuity is interwoven with western technology in all aspects of community development to ensure rich cultural resources are celebrated.

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Our Goals

Expand opportunities in remote villages through organic agriculture, increase medical awareness through health programs, and improve sanitation by updating infrastructure along with education in safe hygiene practices.


Increase health through education and improved sanitation.


Expand educational opportunities in organic agriculture and renewable energy in rural villages, and provide the skills necessary for sustainable community development.

Skill Building

Teach new skills that allows for the development of a sustainable community.


Provide remote villages skills, tools and knowledge they would not otherwise have access to.


Enable Nepalese to become stronger and more confident in preserving their culture while maintaining their rights to create opportunities through new knowledge and education.

Sustainable Community Development

Assist in curbing urban drift and out-migration through the development of sustainable communities and economic self-sufficiency in Nepal’s rural areas.


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