Water and Sanitation Project
Piping Safe Water to Gopeghari: Our Long-Term Vision to Uplift Locals Through Safe, Clean Water Sources
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Welcome to Elevate Nepal!
Our mission is to provide the Nepalese access to resources that allow for the responsible development of a sustainable community.
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Pandemic Response Initiatives
Elevate Nepal formed an Emergency Pandemic Response plan to help assist Nepal as it struggled with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs listed are ongoing efforts.
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Your support allows Elevate Nepal to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need in Nepal. Together, we can help the Nepalese build flourishing, sustainable communities.
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What We Do

Elevate Nepal offers a unique opportunity to help lift Nepali people out of poverty and establish sustainable, self-sufficient communities. We target Nepal’s poorest and most remote villages with four primary initiatives: education, occupational training, public health, and infrastructure improvements. With every project, we work closely with village leaders to ensure local buy in, cultural relevance, and a long-term commitment.

Our Impact Since 2015

Built temporary house for 3,000 people in Sindhupalchok District immediately following the 2015 earthquake.

Provided education facilities for 700 students in Rasuwa District.

Permanent earthquake resistant homes for 30 people in Nuwakot District.

Facilitated the pursuit of an advanced education in agriculture for 60 students.

Provided PPE, Masks and Nutrition Assistance packages to 30,000 people during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

$100K contributed to education.
$47K for Pandemic Response Initiatives
$35K spent on Earthquake Relief

Our Partners

Why Nepal?

Elevate Nepal focused on rebuilding damaged infrastructure after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, concentrating on schools, homes, sanitation systems, and expanded into the agriculture sector in 2019, subsidizing teachers’ salaries at Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School. Current projects include improvement of water and sanitation infrastructure in marginalized rural villages. Elevate Nepal is partnering with Humanitarian Efforts Reaching Out (HERO) in 2022 to perform a five-day medical camp in two locations in Nepal.

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