Bahunipati Temporary Housing Construction

Thousands of Nepalese flocked from remote areas to Kathmandu to access shelter and food in the months after the April 25th earthquake. Many, however, remained in the villages, and the depth of the suffering and destruction in rural areas became immediately clear when we returned to Nepal. Multigenerational families sought refuge under makeshift tin huts or tarp roofs, as villagers, with limited resources, searched for salvageable materials to rebuild destroyed houses.

Our Impact

Elevate Nepal, through Trek Nepal Foundation, a local disaster relief nonprofit organization, connected with the earthquake-damaged village of Bahunipati in lower Sindhupalchowk District. A village of 5,000 people, only one house remained intact. 

Fundraising efforts, in partnership with Trek Nepal Foundation, enabled nearly 1,000 Bahunipati villagers to build temporary homes in preparation for the Himalayan winter. Elevate Nepal organized materials and transportation, providing necessary tools and hardware, including metal sheets for roofing and walls.

Five Elevate Nepal volunteers worked alongside Bahunipati villagers for a week, assisting families build temporary homes. Village leaders distributed metal sheets to each family, and volunteers and villagers collected timber from collapsed houses, to strengthen the newly built shelters, and provide adequate shelter for the approaching winter.

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