Sanitation & Potable Water Project

Clean water is core to any community’s success:
  • 3.5 million people in Nepal do not have access to basic water services
  • 71% of all water sources and 91% of those used by the poorest quintile of the population are contaminated with E. Coli bacteria
  • Only 25% of the water supply is fully functioning.

This lack of potable water, adequate sanitation and hygiene is responsible for the exceptional rate of waterborne disease in rural Nepal and is a leading cause of death among children under the age of five.

Our goal is to bring safe, usable water to underdeveloped villages to prevent unnecessary illness and death. Access to potable water with easily maintained infrastructure has the potential to vastly improve public health conditions and contribute to sustainable community growth and development.

Our Current Focus

Piping Safe Water to Gopeghari:
Our Long-Term Vision to Uplift Locals Through Safe, Clean Water Sources

In the village of Gopeghari, the only water source is in a tight, narrow gorge a one-hour walk down a steep grade. Recent droughts and unstable weather patterns have made water even more scarce for the indigenous Chepang tribe, which faces abnormally high rates of waterborne illness and childhood mortality.

Elevate Nepal is working with the local community and government to design a system to pump water 115 vertical meters up to a large holding reservoir in Gopeghari. Distribution lines will be run to provide each individual house with their own water tap. This will allow easy access to potable water for people, livestock and irrigation. Future plans include distributing water from the reservoir to two other villages farther down the hillside.

As always, we would hire local laborers and provide education on how to maintain the new water system to ensure long-term functionality and preserve the integrity of the current water source. Once water is bought to local schools, new toilets and wash basins will be constructed to promote good hygiene practices. Education programs will also improve health and quality of life.

As we continue our research and implement successful development programs, we plan to expand our scope to have a positive impact on underserved communities across Nepal.

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