Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School

Nepal is a country trapped between traditional cultures and western ideology, impacted by geographical constraints, political issues, lacking sufficient resources and opportunities for its youth. Throughout rural areas, villages are emptying, as young people, seeking a brighter future, move to cities and abroad for education and employment. Farming as a livelihood is declining, villagers are no longer self-sufficient, but dependant upon outside sources of food and wage income. Elevate Nepal founders, Dan Maurer and Anthony Mancini, witnessed this change, volunteering on a variety of farms throughout the country prior to founding Elevate Nepal. One way to combat urban drift and out-migration is through strengthening the rural agricultural sector, and Elevate Nepal seeks to assist in the development of income sources for villagers utilizing the rich soils of the foothills of the Himalayas.

Our Impact

A unique agriculture training school was established by the community in the village of BegnasTal, Kaski District in 2019, under the leadership of local resident and farmer, Surya Adhikari. Its goal is to educate young Nepalis about the importance of sustainable, organic, agriculture for their local community and country, providing insights into agricultural economics and the role of Nepal in the global market.

Currently, the school, in its second year of operation, is funded by donations and student tuition; Elevate Nepal subsidizes teachers’ salaries. Once completing the third operating year, Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School will be eligible for funding from the Ministry of Education, overseen by the central government in Kathmandu.

  • 38 students graduated with certificates in agriculture
  • 8 students received job offers in the agriculture sector in three districts of Nepal
  • Opened a science laboratory
  • Acquired a small plot of land for farming


Future plans include purchasing additional farm land, and developing an irrigation system, constructing a greenhouse, expanding the curriculum to include beekeeping, and recruiting students from outside of Begnas.

Accomplishments since 2019

38 students graduated with an agriculture certificate

8 students received jobs in the agriculture sector in 3 different districts of Nepal

School opened a science lab

Acquired small plot of land to perform practical assessment

Goals for 2021

Purchase additional farm land for practical experience.

Add an irrigation system.

Improve technology infrastructure for hybrid and remote learning.

Establish a scholarship program for incoming students.

Boost enrollment.

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